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19 April 2020 @ 01:34 pm
Anybody Looking For Widescreen (1600x900) Wallpapers?  
This is an open invitation , all! I have a 1600x900 computer moniter, and have noticed the sheer lack of fandom wallpapers for that screen size. It's rather disheartening, and I've attempted to make some, and I think they came out pretty good. ^__^*

So, reply to this if you'd like me to make you a 1600x900 wallpaper! My main fandoms are Supernatural, The Dark Knight, and Inception, but there's a lot of other fandoms I like, too. And I don't need to like the fandom or pairing to make you a wallpaper of it.

I'm being totally serious. I just find it horrible that there are basically no wallpapers out there if you have a widescreen computer monitor. So, regardless of the fandom or pairing, I will make you a 1600x900 wallpaper if you want.

In your comment, let me know the following:
~ fandom
~ character(s), single or group
~ pairing(s), if any
~ what colors you'd like it to be
~ what text you'd like (song lyrics, quotes from the series, textless, etc.)
~ do you want it to be more dark, light, cute, serious, etc.
~ any specific shapes you want on it (hearts, polka dots, etc.)
~ MOST IMPORTANT: If it is not a fandom I follow (Supernatural, The Dark Knight, Inception, and a few others), then you have to link me to the picture(s) you want me to use, otherwise I have nothing to make you a wallpaper with!

I'm not expecting a lot of people to do this, since not a lot of people have 1600x900 screens (which is why there's little demand for these wallpapers), so if you can ask for up to two or three if you want, and I'll do what I can.

Enjoy! ^__^* ~ ♥
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heavenreturnedheavenreturned on August 26th, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
I would very much love one sweetie! My desktop is the original because I can't find anything to fit it.

Any colors
Any text
Dark please I LOVE LOVE dark shades
Please please?

BTW I'm Mesillwoohoo on twitter and follow you
Mamihlapinatapaikoyaannisqatsi on August 26th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
my twitter handle is @8DDD
Ok. So. Would two be too many?

First: some Arthur/Eames. Oh you know. ;D I prefer textless, but I really just want you to make something you're proud of (with A/E.) :3

Second: Tom Hardy. Definitely textless. Otherwise same criteria. (Do you have a tumblr? There are GORGEOUS HD pics of that man. I think you retweeted one of the ones I reposted.) So yeah. Have fun. 8D

Kasukasuchans_v2 on August 30th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
Would you mind making me a Cillian Murphy one or two? There plenty of pics available at cillian_daily or CillianSite.com, if you need some.

Also, as I have two computers, would it be two much to ask for a normal-res version as well? Thanks so much! <3
Kasukasuchans_v2 on August 30th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Also, I don't care about what you do (text is fine, if you find some great quotes or whatnot), just make it PRETTY. (WHich shouldn't be too hard, XD). Thanks! :)
zoetrope13zoetrope13 on August 30th, 2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
Oh man. Um could I request one or two from the dark knight. Perhaps more serious. You could use quotes from the movie or it could be textless. I'd like one of Bruce Wayne and one with Batman or the joker or Bruce and Rachel if that's cool. Thanks! You rock.